Bathtubs and Bath Accessories

Thank you for your interest in Tubz, where we have the largest selection of whirlpool "Jacuzzi" bathtubs, air tubs, showers & toilets on display in the United States and probably the entire World! ...with the most competitive discount prices you’ll find anywhere.

Corner Tubs

Corner BathtubsChoose from a large range of corner tub styles now available at the Tubz showroom. Corner tub models come in many styles with variously shaped wells. Corner tub designs can include curved or angled front ends, corner vanity seating, single or dual reclining areas, built-in armrests, jetted or non-jetted, oval bathing well, extra deep well, built-in lumber support, one to three bathing stations, various faucet mounting access and roomy shelf space.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot BathtubsTubz has an enormous selection of clawfoot tubs that come with a vast number of elegant features to choose from. The vintage style of the clawfoot tub adds timeless grace and class to modern homes. The aristocrat of freestanding tubs, the clawfoot bathtub has endured right into the 21st century. Traditionalists love the lavish look of the claw foot tub because it awakens elegance and the grace of Victorian ethos in bathroom décor.

Free Standing Bathtubs

Free Standing BathtubsTubz Tubz has the widest selection of freestanding bathtub models in the nation. There is no shortage of styles and materials for either a classical or contemporary free standing bathtub. Visit our showroom for the latest freestanding tub models. Our bathtub experts will help you find the perfect style of tub to match your bathroom design. Today's bathtub of choice is the freestanding bathtub style. Once upon a time, all bathtubs were free standing.

Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in TubsTubz Walk in bathtubs, also called safety tubs, are designed with safety, security, and especially comfort in mind. Walk in bathtubs allow users to step in to their bathtub without having to climb in. As an alternative to standard bathtubs, which have a 14 inch to 17 inch rim, the walk-in bathtub is designed with an entry rim less than the few inches above the floor and a watertight door that swings open when the tub is empty.