Free Standing Bathtubs

Free Standing BathtubsTubz has the widest selection of freestanding bathtub models in the nation. There is no shortage of styles and materials for either a classical or contemporary free standing bathtub.

Visit our showroom for the latest freestanding tub models. Our bathtub experts will help you find the perfect style of tub to match your bathroom design. Today's bathtub of choice is the freestanding bathtub style. Once upon a time, all bathtubs were free standing. Freestanding tubs have their roots in antiquity and through the ages became known as the clawfoot tub.

Not surprising, history has repeated once again to showcase new versions of this timeless classic. Standing alone in bathrooms and style alike, the freestanding tub is the center of attention in your bathroom. Not attached to walls for support, the freestanding tub supports itself.

Unencumbered by a surround of any sort, the freestanding tub design frees up space, giving an airy feel and look to your bathroom. This creates a spa like environment for soaking and relaxation. Contact us today to speak with a Tubz specialist!